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We Support Agents, Brokers & Consultants

We appreciate you taking time to visit our website to learn more about our desire in becoming a trusted partner for you and your clients, it will be time well spent. We respect the valuable service and expertise you provide your clients. We know how long and how hard you and your staff work to professionally manage the benefit needs of your clients and their employees.

What comes with this recognition is the dedication and understanding that we must support your efforts and provide very real and successful outcomes, year in and year out for you, your client and their employees. Since 1990, we have worked with brokers and employers nationwide to deliver on our promises.

Our support staff and salaried benefit counselors have many years of experience and understand what's necessary to deliver a successful outcome with every engagement and group to which we provide services.

While it's possible we have already met in person or spoken by phone, you might want information about our staff and our philosophy pertaining to supplemental benefits. Moreover, how we might partner together and "joint venture" our service for the benefit of your customer and their employees.

Our Service Options page illustrates our many services. How can we work together? We know from experience that supporting your efforts as a broker and consultant makes a lot of sense and has proven to be a successful partnership with many advisors. If we haven’t met or provided our services for you, we would be glad to provide references allowing you to speak to brokers and consultants who know us well. Let us know if you would like to contact anyone of these brokers/consultants we’ve worked for...they're our best advocates. Below are a few questions we've been asked and the same consistent answers we’ve given since 1990.

Why would I consider introducing your services to my customer or prospects? What do I stand to gain and what do I stand to lose? Today more than ever, your clients expect you to bring them ideas and successful solutions for their everyday needs and problems. Likewise, your competitors are attempting to fill this very same expectation. We work for you to provide the services we've outlined on our site. By engaging our services, you differentiate yourself from competitors and help secure the relationship you have with your customer or prospect. In turn, your customer/prospect benefits while you create additional revenue which increases the profitability of your account. The only thing you stand to lose is someone else bringing our services to your customer/prospect prior to you doing so. Ask us for references of consultants and brokers we've worked with and let them tell you about us and how we deliver on our promises.

What are some of the other reasons we would use your services and how do we benefit? We can help you secure additional business which will further solidify your relationship. The commission sharing for the services we provide creates additional monthly income to your business. Commissions are paid directly to each party by the group insurance carrier.

We've seen other supplemental benefit group insurance carrier reps go direct to an account and "cut-out" the broker/consultant. Not only can we help replace or take over that business, you can also become an important resource and advisor to your customer for this important part of their benefits package.

Remember that prospect you've wanted to call on, but needed a good idea to discuss? A number of cases have developed from introducing our services.

Can you provide more information about yourself, approach and philosophy regarding benefit communication and supplemental benefits? Please visit our Press page to read articles about our company and articles we've written for industry magazines. We think you'll like what you read.

Can you be more specific regarding what we "hire" you to do for us? There are a tremendous amount of details involved in the sale and servicing of supplemental benefits. We handle all of the "details" making us accountable for that client. Below you will find an overview of some of the key action items that become a part of each client we service, from beginning to end, year after year.

Prior to Implementation Decision

  1. Utilize Corporate Benefit Specialists website along with sales and marketing kits to explain services and create need.
  2. Take advantage of client list to use for references.
  3. Benefit statement production decision.

After Decision/Before Enrollment
  1. If providing benefit statements, secure necessary data to create and produce a fully branded and customized statement.
  2. Group Insurance carrier selection and obtain case approval.
  3. Schedule all group and individual meetings.
  4. Confirm acceptable access to employees will be available.
  5. Discuss room arrangements for meetings with employees.
  6. Create announcement letter/posters/payroll stuffers.
  7. Design PowerPoint presentation for group meeting.
  8. Assemble employee communication materials for meetings and order supplies.
  9. Prepare computers for enrollment/check for accuracy/load case data.
  10. Contract benefit counselors for case and schedule training session.
  11. Arrange hotel/transportation for benefit counselor team.
  12. Discuss deduction and billing method with payroll contact.
  13. Appoint broker to receive case split.
  14. Request census of eligible employees.
  15. Confirm eligibility based upon hire date.
  16. Arrange for group insurance carrier billing phone call.

During Enrollment
  1. Conduct group meeting(s) on all shifts (1st, 2nd and 3rd).
  2. Monitor attendance during group meetings.
  3. Supervise benefit counselors during enrollment.
  4. Meet with every (95%) employee and explain benefit program.
  5. Provide summary for each employee purchasing coverage.
  6. If re-enrollment, review coverage from prior enrollment and meet with every (95%) employee.
  7. Work with supervisors to manage the enrollment with as little business interruption as possible.
  8. Manage enrollment process with case manager.
  9. Upload/save data daily.

After Enrollment
  1. Meet with benefit counselors to discuss enrollment results.
  2. Pay all expenses related to the enrollment.
  3. Copy any paper applications.
  4. Forward applications to underwriting.
  5. Prepare initial deduction report for payroll clerk.
  6. Put case on follow-up list for service.
  7. Underwriting follow-up and make sure all policies are issued and delivered.
  8. Compare initial billing to sold summary. Were all policies issued? Is premium for each policy correct? If not issued as applied for, why not? If more than one billing division is policy on correct division?
  9. Answer questions from employer/employee, beneficiary questions/changes, coverage changes, answer claim questions, take care of billing discrepancies, process policy cancellations, notify employer of deduction changes due to cancellations and declines, make sure policy is removed from billing due to policy cancellation or termination of employee, track coverage changes.
  10. Handle weekly service calls from employees and human resource department.
  11. If annual enrollment, contact employer in 10 months to schedule re-enrollment meetings.
  12. If monthly perpetual enrollment, continue to manage account and enrollment process.

Where do we go from here? Great question! Give us a call at 913-345-0035 or 800-264-0073. You can also e-mail us. Let's discuss your questions and see how we might work together...we promise you'll be satisfied.

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