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Employee Benefit Communication

The Problem

Your employees know their net paycheck to the penny. You, as an employer, know the cost of wages to the penny, but you also know "the rest of the story" as it pertains to the other piece of total compensation - BENEFITS. Benefits are viewed as part of an employee's total compensation and thus should be designed to help a company earn a profit. Benefits should assist in improving productivity, retention and recruitment.

When asked to guess the total value of their benefits, employees error by thousands of dollars. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employee benefit costs account for more than 44% of payroll expenses! When asked to name the core benefits being provided, many employees are unable to name them all: medical, dental, life, disability, retirement, vision, cafeteria plan, holidays, vacation, statutory and more! Yet, companies continue to spend thousands of dollars per employee annually and "the rest of the story" goes untold.

We understand benefit education takes place at certain times of the year in your company. Our clients have experienced an increased ROI from their benefit package after adopting our services. We can help improve how consistently your companies "total compensation" and "benefits" story is being told.

The Solution

Since 1990, Corporate Benefit Specialists has specialized in helping its clients employees consistently gain a better understanding of their benefits along with the corresponding dollar value associated with their benefits. Why not get more "bang for the buck" you continue to spend, while also accomplishing the following:

  • increase the understanding and thus appreciation towards benefits and their costs
  • build morale while improving employee retention
  • deliver to employees and their families a personalized benefit statement detailing the specific benefits they are enrolled in along with their corresponding benefit value

Benefit Communication Components

An effective benefits communication program consists of a number of components. Corporate Benefit Specialists can provide the necessary ingredients for successful and consistent employee benefit communication.

Personalized, Attractive and Concise Benefit Statements

Click here to view a sample benefit statement (PDF).

Annually producing thousands of benefit statements, Corporate Benefit Specialists uses state of the art technology to:

  • detail each employee's benefits and costs
  • highlight specific benefits with greater detail and text
  • create multiple variations of benefit statements which differentiate employee groups within the same company
  • summarize benefit information from lengthy and complex booklets into concise easy to read and understand paragraphs
  • feature a personalized message from the employer with company logo displayed on the front of the benefit statement

Management Summary Report

A multi-page analysis statement detailing all figures on each statement will be provided. This is an excellent tool for budget analysis which can aid in overall benefit plan design.

Benefit Statement Value Proposition

How much do you invest per year towards benefits? We're certain it's $5,000, $7,000, $10,000 or more per employee. For a mere fraction of the cost why not inform your employee just how valuable those benefits are? Whether or not your company can continue to give raises and bonuses or match 401(k)s, employees should be knowledgeable about their total compensation package.

Please contact us to receive a quick, easy-to-understand quote. Before you know it, your employees will immediately gain a better understanding of what you are investing in their total compensation package.

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