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Since 1997, the staff at Corporate Benefit Specialists has met and exceeded the expectations we have as it relates to our supplemental benefit program and benefit statement communications. Administrative and service issues can be time consuming with supplemental benefits, but Corporate Benefit Specialists "gets it" and knows how to keep our plan running smoothly at all of our locations. Through the use of multiple insurance carriers, their independent outlook and goal of keeping our team members needs first, it has been a true win-win for our team members and company. I highly recommend you utilize their services.
Kirsten Krug
Director of People Services
Amarr Garage Doors

Our relationship with Corporate Benefit Specialists began in 2004. We were introduced to them by our benefits broker. Our staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive primary health care services to our patients and their families. Supplemental benefits are an important part of our benefit structure and have resulted in benefit payments to our staff and families. Corporate Benefit Specialists and their benefit counselors consistently balance the needs we have of caring for our patients, yet also help our staff make informed decisions about their supplemental benefit options.
Jade Laurens Held
Human Resource Director
Family Care Health Centers

Heatron was one of Corporate Benefit Specialists first clients back in 1992. Since they were a newer company, but had come highly recommended, we entered into our relationship with them with the anticipation and hopes of an enduring relationship that would bring positive results for both companies, but most importantly for our associates. Corporate Benefit Specialists benefit communication statements have done just that for us. This program has provided our associates a thorough tool to better understand their total benefit package as offered by Heatron. Today, 17 years later, their supplemental benefits program has and continues to offer many options for our associates as needed to augment their current benefits as they see fit for their lives.
Michael W. Keenan
Chairman and CEO

Our association with Corporate Benefit Specialists began in 2003 and, over the years, they have helped us develop our supplemental employee benefits package. Our employees really like the total compensation benefit statements provided to all full-time employees. Employees also appreciate the choice they have among four supplemental insurance products. Corporate Benefit Specialists' benefit counselors are not "high pressure" salesmen and they take time to meet with employees on every shift. Having just received a "Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare" award from Modern Healthcare magazine, I think our employees have expressed their satisfaction with the benefits offered at Neosho Memorial.
R.C. Rowan, PhD
Human Resources Officer
Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center

We have had a relationship with Corporate Benefit Specialists since 1993. Their staff understands the requirements necessary to successfully service and handle the needs of our employees who are at multiple locations operating 24/7. As we have grown, Corporate Benefit Specialists has also grown to meet our expanding needs. Through the years we have been successful at expanding our supplemental benefit package to offer robust options to help our employees and their families.
Gregory Keitges
President, CFO
Physicians Reference Laboratory, LLC

Corporate Benefit Specialists helped us meet our 2008 goal of increasing participation in our Cafeteria plan. Their benefit counselors traveled to our locations in Lawrence and Topeka, KS; Payson, AZ; and Craig and Steamboat Springs, CO. With their assistance, we were able to double our Cafeteria plan participation along with helping our employees better understand the value and benefits of this great program. We also had a large percentage of our employees elect supplemental benefit options, something which they had been asking for. These benefit choices address our employee needs now and in the future.
Kelly Calvert, SPHR
HR Director
The World Company

Prior to 1997, we produced our own benefit statements in-house. Since 1997, we have saved time and money using the benefit statement services of Corporate Benefit Specialists. Their independent perspective and consultative style towards supplemental benefits provides an excellent added value for our employees and company. Their attention to detail and annually visiting our 15 locations leverages my time and makes my job easier.
Phil Levy, SPHR
Human Resources Manager
Western Extralite

Communicating and servicing supplemental benefits in a school district of our size can be very challenging. We first adopted the services of Corporate Benefit Specialists in 2005 and each year they provide assistance to our 1,100 employees located in 19 different buildings. Successfully interacting with school principals and their staff has allowed our supplemental benefit program to be popular and well-received.
Mr. Terry Noble
Mehlville School District

Since 1991, Corporate Benefit Specialists has consistently performed for us by annually communicating our benefits package and producing personalized employee benefit statements. The objectivity of a third party is welcomed by our employees. Their fee waiver option is a win-win, allowing us to offer popular employee paid supplemental insurance products and in turn their benefit communication fees are waived.
Kevin L. Derry
Cookbook Publishers, Inc.

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